A + Engineering is pleased to offer an extensive range of filtration solutions from Solberg:

  • Filter Silencers
  • Inlet Filter Assemblies
  • Inlet Vacuum Filters
  • Replacement Elements
  • Air/Oil Separators

In Line filtration units with interchangeable elements filtering to 1 micron

In line fluid traps that shut off the air flow to your pump in the event of fluids being sucked into the lines preventing pump failure. This unit can be supplied with automatic or manual drain.

We offer an extensive line of high quality “off the shelf” inlet filtration, inlet vacuum filtration, liquid separation and silencing products. We help protect a wide range of equipment including compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps, engines, fuel cells and turbines. Our standard range of filter housings begin at airflows of 1.7M3h (1 CFM) and go up to 42475 M3h (25000 CFM)

In Addition to supplying new blowers and exhausters we also offer a full workshop service

You rely on your positive displacement blower to operate efficiently, but heavy use or mechanical failures can cause problems that require swift action. Fortunately, A+ Engineering offers positive displacement blower repair services that can return your unit to its original factory condition.

When you send your positive displacement blower to A+ Engineering, we disassemble and inspect the unit and report its current condition and what actions are required to make it like new. If it’s in your best interest to repair the unit, we then rebuild the unit to factory tolerances, including any required machining. Painting the unit, cleaning the head plates and bead blasting of impellers and cylinders are all included in the price of the repair.

Before return shipment, we also mechanically test every positive displacement blower to ensure the unit will perform as expected, saving you the hassle of returning a unit to service that doesn’t meet requirements.

When you utilize our positive displacement blower repair services, you’ll value our:

• 12 month warranty


Clean your compressed air with any our coalescing, particulate or activated carbon filters. Our high quality offer removable elements with automatic float drains. (Remember, the condensate from your lubricated air compressors is considered hazardous waste, don’t forget to install those OIL/Water Separators to meet you local code).

Our Engineering Department has the ability to help you find the products for the types of applications that you are looking for. We understand the importance of providing you with a system that is efficient, reliable and cost effective. Our engineers will gladly assist you with any specification requests.

We supply quality replacement air compressor filters and air oil separators for the leading air compressed air filtration.

Air oil separators remove compressor lubricant from the compressed air stream. The compressor lubricant is returned to the oil sump and the compressed air continues to the air receiver.

A typical oil separator reduces the lubricant entrained in the compressed air to 2-3 ppm. Under normal operating conditions an oil separators service life is 4,000 to 6,000 operating hours. Air/ Oil separators are also called separators and demisters.

compressor filter

A+ Engineering is all too aware of the need to keep vacuum pumping equipment running efficiently and cost effective. Our range of vacuum spares are targeted towards the end user and the growing requirement to keep service costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

Replacement filters for all makes of Vacuum pumps are available at remarkable savings to the end user. In most cases A+ Engineering can reduce the cost of OEM prices by 30% up to as much as 50% for the larger volume ordering.

OEM’s Covered.


Air / Oil mist eliminators chosen to cope not just with high volumes of oil mist but also the temperatures and operating conditions of today’s modern vacuum pumps. The collected oil vapours are coalesced into liquid form to be recycled to the pump efficiently without contaminating the atmosphere local to the equipment.
Gasket sets and rotor vanes which all too often need replaced due to excessive wear and reduced pump efficiency can in most cases stretch maintenance budgets. A+ Engineering offers replacement parts for all aspects of the of the overhaul including bearings, oil seals, vanes, ‘O’ rings and gaskets at sensible costs.
Inlet filter elements are complete housings to remove any foreign matter drawn towards the inlet of the equipment offering invaluable protection to your expensive and highly sensitive equipment. Exhaust filters: remove oil mist at pump outlet. More than 100 different available. Discount on quantities.

In addition to providing and servicing a wide range of vacuum pumps such as Rotary Vane, Chemical, Dry Running, Roots Blowers & Vacuum Boosters, A+ Engineering also supplies and services Leak Detectors, total pressure gauges and valves as well as supplying a comprehensive range of vacuum fittings and filters.

Vacuum Pump Services

  • In-house / on-site repair or overhaul facility. All makes and models.
  • In-house / on-site repair of vacuum boosters.
  • Calibration of vacuum gauges.
  • Test reports with all pumps, leak detectors and valves.
  • Professional Vacuum Management Programme to prevent downtime.
  • 24 Hour emergency call-out.
  • Technical back up.
  • Spares on stock. Vacuum oils (various grades) on stock.
  • Fully trained Service Engineers.
  • Competitive labour rates.
  • Rapid response and quick turnaround.

Process Pump Service

We are your complete water pumping resource with our dedicated knowledgeable staff we can assist you in water pump selection, flow rates and product specifications to suit your individual pumping requirements.

New water pump sales and repair, field installation service, general maintenance, complete water pump overhauls and spare parts from domestic water pump applications to industrial chemical dosing and transfer requirements.


Workshop Spares

Gasket Kits:
Include “o” ring, gaskets, shaft seals, springs … for minor maintenance and repair.

Major Kits:
Include all the components of the gasket kit plus vanes, bearings, filters (if required, varies upon pump models) for a major overhaul of your pump.


* Important Note: OEM names and part numbers are only given for comparison. The replacement parts and accessories sold by A+ Engineering are in no ways OEM parts. They are fully interchangeable parts which are freely available in the market or specially design to meet or exceed the OEM performance.

vacuum pump spares

Industrial Blowers

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for that

Aplus Engineering is a specialist supplier of positive displacement blowers and continuously strive to improve the performance and reliability of our products.

We studied European market trends, which are shifting away from two lobe compressors to much more advanced designs like three lobe variations by Bora which feature a patented stem rotor geometry system. The main advantages of these systems can be seen below-

The 3 lobes blowers offer considerable usage’s advantages, versus the 2 lobes construction, in most applications because of:

Higher rigidity: rotor beam 8 times more rigid
Better balance: more even mass distribution
Higher discharge pressure: 2 dynamic seal points rotor/case
Lower pulsation: 6 cycles instead of 4 per shaft rotation
Lower efficiency losses: minimal sensitivity to back-pressure

In addition, BORA has managed to eliminate those negative characteristics of the three lobe construction exhibited by the blowers presently in the market, such as:

  • smaller displacement
  • gas retention between rotors causing:

-energy wastage (overheating and noise)
-consequent remedies, like indentations in the rotor profile, that, in turn, reduce efficiency and increase re-flow losses


A+ Engineering offers a solution for all your vacuum requirements through an established network of world leaders in pump design and manufacture. As we are not connected solely to one manufacturer this gives us the capability of offering the most effective solution to your requirements and also the best value for money in today’s competitive markets. We cater to all industries some of which are…


  • Aerospace
  • Baking
  • Car industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Electronics
  • Food production
  • Health & hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Medical
  • Printing
  • Quarries Recycling
  • Sewage treatment
  • Vacuum forming
  • vacuum lifting
  • Woodworking industry

Process Pumps

A+ Engineering can also supply a wide range of process pumps to meet your requirements as well as offering a full workshop service for your existing equipment. From Aro to Zepher we can cover all makes and models such as.

  • Mono
  • Centrifugal
  • Screw
  • Gear
  • Lobe
  • Liquid Ring