Clean your compressed air with any our coalescing, particulate or activated carbon filters. Our high quality offer removable elements with automatic float drains. (Remember, the condensate from your lubricated air compressors is considered hazardous waste, don’t forget to install those OIL/Water Separators to meet you local code).

Our Engineering Department has the ability to help you find the products for the types of applications that you are looking for. We understand the importance of providing you with a system that is efficient, reliable and cost effective. Our engineers will gladly assist you with any specification requests.

We supply quality replacement air compressor filters and air oil separators for the leading air compressed air filtration.

Air oil separators remove compressor lubricant from the compressed air stream. The compressor lubricant is returned to the oil sump and the compressed air continues to the air receiver.

A typical oil separator reduces the lubricant entrained in the compressed air to 2-3 ppm. Under normal operating conditions an oil separators service life is 4,000 to 6,000 operating hours. Air/ Oil separators are also called separators and demisters.

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