Industrial Blowers

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Aplus Engineering is a specialist supplier of positive displacement blowers and continuously strive to improve the performance and reliability of our products.

We studied European market trends, which are shifting away from two lobe compressors to much more advanced designs like three lobe variations by Bora which feature a patented stem rotor geometry system. The main advantages of these systems can be seen below-

The 3 lobes blowers offer considerable usage’s advantages, versus the 2 lobes construction, in most applications because of:

Higher rigidity: rotor beam 8 times more rigid
Better balance: more even mass distribution
Higher discharge pressure: 2 dynamic seal points rotor/case
Lower pulsation: 6 cycles instead of 4 per shaft rotation
Lower efficiency losses: minimal sensitivity to back-pressure

In addition, BORA has managed to eliminate those negative characteristics of the three lobe construction exhibited by the blowers presently in the market, such as:

  • smaller displacement
  • gas retention between rotors causing:

-energy wastage (overheating and noise)
-consequent remedies, like indentations in the rotor profile, that, in turn, reduce efficiency and increase re-flow losses